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When you're happy with the finished product, I'll deliver the final video and all the assets to you, it's rightful owner.   I suggest you store the assets somewhere safe in case you ever want to go back to it for any reason in the future!  Read More

I begin by getting to know you and your goals a little bit better. Then I'll put on my thinking cap and develop creative ideas on how to best tell your story, then create a production budget and timetable based on your concept approval. This part is important to me, as I want to make sure I'm telling your story correctly.  Read More


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This is the fun part.  I'll spend significant time planning the production so the shooting process goes quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.  This may involve collaboration with some of the best filmmakers, graphic artists, and audio engineers in the region.  Then, we watch the magic happen as it all comes together in the edit!

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Great stories begin with you!

My passion is telling great stories through video. Letting the world know of your passion will draw more attention to your business or cause. 
Let me help tell your story!